The Modern Leper


Hey you.

Below is a nice, organized set of links for a 4-part series I did on having acne as a kid. It’s called The Modern Leper.

It’s more fun than it sounds.

Featured throughout are graphs, allusions to the Book of Job,  psychoanalysis, one cartoon, Bambi, and more Mexican wrestlers than you’d think. Can you find them all?

Follow the links below to start the race to 5 o’clock:

Part 1: The 5,001’st Best Day of My Life

The secret to success is deluding yourself until the day you die.

Part 2: Pain as a Function of Building Character

The one your dad would want you to read.

Part 3: Productphobia

I diagnose myself with a made-up illness.

Part 4: Mouthwash and Shame-Marketing

2000’s-era Proactiv is just as evil as 1920’s-era Listerine. Yes.